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Founded in Finland in 2015, North Marketing is co-owned by the founders, Johanna & Wayne, who share over 30 years of experience working in their respective industries. Wayne now looks after our Luxury Travel Representation and also heads up our Web Design and Online Marketing business.

The luxury travel market is constantly moving forward with new openings and launches. A representation office in all key markets ensures you are one step ahead of your competitors. Identifying and building new relationships is a key part of successful representation – a quality we have proven to be one of our great strengths. Having worked for award-winning tour operators for over 10 years, We fully understands our travel partners' needs and requirements, which enables her to support them the best possible way to achieve fantastic mutual goals.

online marketing

Turn your ideas and dreams into reality with the help of a professional online marketing company. Our passion for online marketing started in 2005, after a long stint in travel industry,

Having a tailor-made, efficient and result-driving website can cost much less than you think.